T.E.A. Time
Hand Crafted Ales

Our brewery is installed in our basement, directly under our pub.

We do not add any “extras” to our beer, so you will not find any additives or enhancing chemicals to interfere with the natural, fresh flavour and aroma of our beers. Real ales are the freshest, most natural form of beer available – and we are proud to use only the finest ingredients, including malted barley imported from the UK and freshly packed whole hops. Even our water is pure... the Krakow water we brew with was recently recognised as the purest in Europe!

The Brew House

Our hot liquor (water) tank is fully insulated and clad in decorative and practical varnished timber, complete with fully controllable digital temperature display. This environmentally green vessel is guaranteed to lose no more than 3 degrees centigrade a day, without any additional heat input. Our infusion style Mash tun and Copper (boiling kettle) are insulated and clad in decorative varnished timber.

Malt & Hops Store

We brew with a combination of Polish and UK malts, especially imported from the UK.

Fermentation Room

Our fermenting vessels are temperature controlled - allowing us to produce consistent batches of beer. From the fermentation tanks our beers is transferred directly to casks, where the beer undergoes a secondary fermentation.

Meet the Brew Team

From left to right:
- Neil Moorhouse - International Thunderbird
- James - Inspiration Officer
- Michał - Creator of Magic Things
- Sylwia - Brewster & Beer Guru
- David - Beer Alchemist